AUCTEAM provides auction broadcasting services for auction houses.The application behind professionally answers the challenges of complex expectation of auctioning industry and been developed by insider experts. Participating in an auction broadcasted by AUCTEAM is just like personally participating in a room auction. Try and bid over the internet just as you were there!

What kind of Live Auctions you will find on AUCTEAM
BROADCASTED: the auction house holds a room auction which is broadcasted real-time over the internet by AUCTEAM. Bids will be received both from the room and from the internet.
VIRTUAL: no room auction will be held, the auction will happen virtually, only on the internet. It differs from the room auction only by participants follow and bid on the internet. It starts in a certain date and time, lots will be called one after another and once the last lot called, the auction ends. The auction lasts just like the room auction.

Before the auction

To participate on a Live Auction you need to do the following:

1. Create AUCTEAM account
You need to create user account on AUCTEAM under Login. Please click on Create Account, fill in the requested data and accept Terms and Conditions.

2. Send your request of participation to the selected auction to the auction house
If you want to participate in a Live Auction, you need to send your participation request in advance to the auction house. Select the requested auction, click Register and accept Terms and Conditions of the auction house.

Please note that Terms and Conditions will differ at each auction house (bid steps, comissions, shipping costs, etc.), therefore we advise to read it carefully beforehand.

Your participation request will be confirmed in two days by the auction house. Some auction houses automatically accept all participation requests and some will set up a credit limit to each buyer. If you would like to require a higher credit you need to inform the action house before the auction.

You can only participate in a Live Auction once your participation request has been confirmed.

IMPORTANT: Your participation request is to be received latest one hour before the auction starts!

3. DEMO auction: try it before the Live Auction!
We suggest that before the Live Auction you try how it works, test it, get used to it so that you will well practiced ont he auction. DEMO auction is to be reached under Live Auctions in the beginning of the auction list.

IMPORTANT: DEMO auction is only reachable once you have logged in with your AUCTEAM user account.